What is Soul Song?

After composing a couple of personal songs for close friends and relatives I was touched and inspired by how moved they were to have a song composed specifically for them. I would love to offer the possibility to you to have your own soul song composed for you and your loved ones.


Once you have chosen who your Soul Song is for and I have all the information I need to get started, I will sit down in a quiet space and meditate on the selected person. I ask for guidance from spirit guides, angelic guides, and loved ones. Pictures help me to tune into the person, and any details you can provide will help to shape the song. I use a combination of information from you along with intuition to compose your Soul Song.


To the recipient of Soul Song:  My intention and desire is that your Soul Song will resonate with the essence of your divine being, make you laugh and cry with humor and love, and support you on your life path in the recognition of who you are.

Who is Sarah McSweeney?

I have an extensive background in music, starting with piano lessons and music theory at age 6. I sang in choirs, played flute and trombone in the school bands, entered and won many competitions, and continued on to major in music at a college reputable for it’s successful opera program. My entire extended family was musically inclined, and everyone was required to take music lessons throughout their school years. For the Christmas holidays my family would sing carols in 4 part harmonies with full piano accompaniment played by my godfather, grandma setting the tempos and grandpa calling out anyone singing off pitch. I was always required to perform my latest classical piano studies, or sing a duet with my cousin David, a gregarious tenor. I graduated with a Bachelors of Music degree with a major in piano and minor in voice, and I have been teaching, performing, and composing ever since. 


I've always had a love and passion for music, but I also have a passion to learn about myself and the nature of who we are as human beings. I’ve dedicated my life to my own unraveling process, searching for answers and seeking the truth of how the universe works, in it’s many different forms. I’ve spent all of my adult years in a meditative, clearing out, transformational, soul searching process. Through my meditation practice I've learned how to quiet my mind and listen to the subtle energies that communicate to us through feeling.  It is from this sacred space that I will compose your unique Soul Song. 

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